Wire Mesh Decking

  • Tested to meet standard ANSI for the capacity
  • Cold drawn wire & high structural steel
  • Baked powder paint finish
  • Electric welded
  • Safety
  • Support heavy loads
  • Reduces damages in case of fire
  • Compatible with all storage systems
  • Fast and easy to install
Wire mesh decking Wire mesh decking

Forma Fil inc. is an established manufacturer in the wire mesh decking industry since 1983. You can find our innovative products in a large number of warehouses, distribution centres and many renowned retailers across Canada. Should your needs be the creation of a new shelving system or if you wish to upgrade your existing storage system, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of the company allow us to make your concept a reality.

By opting for wire decking and shelving products from Forma Fil inc., you will be ensured to get high-quality and long-lasting handling products. Convenient, strong and secure, they are ideal to complete your entire pallet rack system.

We can meet your needs for any wire mesh product

Our wire mesh shelving, which is easy for installation and maintenance, has been designed to fit the specific size and load capacity of any rack system. Along with minimizing dust accumulation, it also provides an excellent air circulation and improves your inventory visibility. All our mesh decking products have been designed to keep hand-loaded items from falling through the shelving system.

And because safety is essential, our wire mesh decking products meet fire and safety regulations, increasing sprinkler effectiveness, which can contribute to reducing your insurance rates. In addition, in order to avoid injuries to employees and scratching products while manipulating them, each racking wire deck has been constructed with soft edges.

Since 2009, our company has been doing tests on the capacity of its 42 deep wire mesh deck. The tests were made by our own engineer and supervised by an outside firm. All tests were made in accordance with the ANSI standard.

And should you have specific needs, we can provide you with customized wire mesh decking that will be designed to fit the specific length, depth and load capacity of your industrial shelving system. Also, our effectiveness allows us to deliver the wire mesh products we have built for you within reasonable timelines.

By offering unequalled product quality and excellent customer service, Forma Fil inc. create satisfied clients all across the country, including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

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